Brian on the beach Brian´s musical seeds were planted early. From his first day onward Brian was serenaded by his Grandmother´s heart warming piano playing and singing. Raised in a musical family, Brian always listened to and played a combination of traditional, popular and church music. By middle school, Brian was writing and recording his own songs on both guitar and piano.

Making music nearly constantly through his early years, Brian went on to study music in college at U of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked with a variety of ensembles during those years. One of his projects landed a recording deal in NYC and after graduating Brian moved to Manhattan to record, play gigs and enjoy the rich music scene.

Loving NYC but not finding it to be his final home, Brian decided to follow a life-long calling to live in the Rocky Mountains. In 1993 Brian moved to Durango, Colorado, where he fell deeply in love with the mountain wilderness, the local people and the surrounding music scenes. He was destined to buy varenicline spend the next 11 years playing his music all over Colorado and the 4 Corners area, performing as both a solo act and with his eclectic band Brian Carter and the Subliminal Messengers.

In 1999, Brian met producer Rick Carlson and was signed to the Indie Label- Animas Records with whom he released his first solo album Downstream. In 2002, Brian took a "two week" trip to Los Angeles, CA, marking the beginning of a unexpected new era. Before he could think twice, fate had moved him to L.A. and he was busy as a film composer and music producer.

Now settled into Topanga Canyon, recording in his private studio there, Brian has composed the music for 3 feature films and 3 short films. From a dramatic suspense thriller Nov. 2nd, to a wonderful family comedy A Merry Little Christmas, and from inspirational short State of Jefferson to serious feature documentary Earthlings, Brian loves bringing the very best of his musical creativity to every project.

In the last four years Brian has also produced three albums, been head sound engineer on five albums and has completed five motion pictures working as a foley artist. He has also appeared on several albums as a studio pianist, bassist, vocalist and guitar player.

film composer, producer, singer, songwriter, foley artist